The olive oil from Egypt  

Egypt is a perfect land for cultivating olive trees, for they love the sun, the heat and dry soils. The biggest olive tree plantations are located mainly in Northern Egypt, around Cairo and on the Mediterranean coast. They give one of the best and most tastefully olive oil. The one we offer you is made following the traditional recipe.

The harvests are once a year and give a temporary job to many local people. After the harvest, the olives are sorted out and separated in order to eliminate impurities. Then the olives are crushed in the mill, and the paste is pressed and filtered: the solid part is retained and the liquids (water and oils) are collected. Then, water and oil are separated with centrifugal extractor. The olive oil is not treated, guarantee of its "virgin" quality.

OlivesMill and centifugal extractorOlive oil soaps


The final olive oil is used in cooking, but also in the making of soaps and body care products... due to its richness in vitamins and minerals, and its nourishing and emollient virtues for the skin. You will find all these products at MAISON D'ORIENT's!



Handicraft olive oil

The handicraft olive oil...

Our olive oil comes from a small fabric near Cairo. The agricultural domain cultivates a huge olive trees plantation and extracts its own olive oil according to the traditional method. Around 10 people are employed in the everyday work and up to 40 people during the olive harvest. We like the fine and fruity taste of this oil... which is also used in the making of natural soaps.



Olive oil soaps


Olive oil soaps


Natural soaps...

Our hand-milled soaps are made of 100% extra virgin olive oil, using the traditional cold process method which preserves vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients present in the olive oil.

Mild and hypoallergenic, they are effective cleaning bars and yet gentle for the skin. They are 100% natural and, for most of them, free from preservative, colouring agent, fragrance or chemical additive.

Several formulas are offered, each has a specific action: moisturizing when olive oil is mixed with milk and honey... revitalizing when it is mixed with rose extracts... smoothing with chamomile... purifying and exfoliating with lavender seeds or the oat meal... refreshing with lemon or orange extracts, etc.

Some others, nicely scented, are decorated with fine Egyptian symbols and designs.




Massage oils

Natural massage oils...

The pure olive oil is also a basis for natural massage oils. It is mixed with some vegetable oils (such as sweet almond, wheat germ, castor, coconut, jojoba, etc) or with fruit and flower essential oils (rose, lavender, lemon, orange, etc.) Used in massage, in the bath or after-bath, these oils nourrish the skin and leave it supple and scented.



Natural beauty creams


Natural beauty creams...

They are 100% natural, made only with natural materials such as olive oil, other vegetable oils, bee wax, lanolin, rose water, etc. Free from preservative, coloring agent and chemical additive. Our creams are rich in vitamins and minerals, hypoallergenic and nourishing, they can be used on every skin type. We appreciate the environment friendly packaging!




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