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MAISON D'ORIENT's origins...

I have been living in Egypt since more than 10 years. My professional and personal life gave me the opportunity to "criss-cross" Egypt, a country so fascinating and amazing, where I could make 1001 discoveries and meetings with local people. Mostly fascinated by today's Egypt than ancient Egypt, I realized how deeply present is the crafts work in the everyday life of Egyptian people. Many talents are existing everywhere in the country... and in every region there is a specific one.MAISON D'ORIENT

I had the desire to assemble beyond regions and share with you the refined, original and high quality products made by Egyptian craftsmen. This desire grew and gave birth to the concept of MAISON D'ORIENT.

I have been also animated by the wish to make Egyptian craftsmen known to the public. Most of them make the major part of their revenues from the making and selling of their handmade products, for example associations for the professional integration of young women, associations for the people living in Cairo's garbage collectors, rural families where the tradition of wood or blown glass is passing from father to son, young artists who try to let their talents known, etc.



In our shops, you will find the products of the Egyptian handicraftsmen as well as a presentation of their craft traditions in order to help you understand their life and work.

Valérie PERCHET    




The shops...

To make you know the products of our local craftsmen, MAISON D'ORIENT is now at:

Safaga, MENAVILLE Hotel: you will find our craft products for the decoration of you home, your table, and also leather and traditional cotton items.

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Hurghada, Marina Boulevard, oriental market: on the splendid new marina of Hurghada, here is a shop dedicated to the Egyptian potteries and our cotton and decoration products.

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Soon, some more shops in Egypt. Let us know if you want to receive our news.



About fair trade...

Among the treasures of Egypt, there are some high quality natural materials and craftsmen to work on them to offer you original handmade products. These are not much known by the Occidental tourists who usually believe that the Egyptian handicraft is only papyrus, perfume glass bottles, alabaster statues, gold jewels and cotton... But do not forget these other handmade and original crafts! Our main concern is to make handicraftsmen known and to diffuse their unfairly unknown productions.

In some areas, the traditional activities (such as wood or textile) are the main sources of revenues of whole villages. And since we know that the making and selling of their productions is their main way of subsistence, we try hard to pay our craftsmen at a fair price. This is the way to build durable relationships and mutual confidence between the workers and us.

As a consequence, you will find fixed and displayed prices in our shops. At MAISON D'ORIENTS's there is no haggling, we prefer transparent and clear prices.

At last but not the least, we are also concerned by the environment protection and respect. The products of our craftsmen are made with natural material which are treated and manipulated according to ancient traditions, without any chemical or factory pollutant treatment. Also, in our shops, all your purchases are packed in paper and recycled bags.





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